An RV is the type of vehicle considered as home by many families here in our country. It’s not only great for traveling but for camping and long-term vacations. However, even with the amenities of a home, an RV is still prone to accidents and other mishaps in and out of the road. To protect yourself and your investment, it’s best to get an RV insurance. And our office, Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. is here to assist you with this anytime. We serve McKinleyville, CA, and its surrounding areas.

Types of vehicles covered

An RV comes in many forms and RV insurance covers almost all these. To confirm if your vehicle can be covered, here’s a list of the types we cover:

  1. Conventional motor home
  2. Professional Bus conversion
  3. Non-professional bus conversion
  4. Camper vans
  5. Mini motor home
  6. Fifth wheel travel trailer
  7. Conventional trailer
  8. Pop-up tent trailer
  9. Trailer with recreational cargo quarters
  10. Mounted truck camper

Types of coverage

RV insurance is also as flexible as a home and auto insurance when it comes to coverage. The basic coverage consists of bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments, and comprehensive and collision coverage but you can add the following too:

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Total loss replacement cost
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency expense
  • Replacement cost for personal belongings
  • Vacation liability
  • Fire department service charge

In choosing which of these to add to your basic coverage, take into account these details:

  • How often will you use your vehicle.
  • What are the possible places where you will be traveling.
  • What things will you bring including valuables like electronic gadgets and jewelery.
  • Who will travel with you and how frequently will you have passengers.

Options for savings and discounts

From your answers you can then have a specialized RV insurance that fits your needs.

Yet another concern might be your budget, however, like auto insurance you can get some savings and discounts in your RV insurance.

Since an RV is still a vehicle, your driving record will play a part in your premium rate assessment. If you’ve had a good driving record for the last 3 years, then you’re eligible for a 20% discount as per the California law for good drivers. Your age may also qualify you for additional savings.

If you happen to live in or near McKinleyville, CA and still have some questions about RV insurance or you simply want to make a change in your current one, call or email us. We here at Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. are always ready to assist.