When you own a farm or ranch, it’s both a haven of food sources and your means of livelihood. It’s best then to protect your investment.

We at Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. understand this need and we took it upon ourselves to help residents in McKinleyville, California and its surrounding areas with their farm and ranch insurance needs. Getting one at the right price with all your needs protected is then easier than before.

Which farmer or rancher need should you insure?

The primary purpose of a farm or ranch insurance is to protect everything in your business – from your property to your livestock to your crops and even you. Every business farm and ranch is unique so before going with a particular coverage, it’s advisable that you talk with a local agent to assess everything carefully.

For example, your neighbor might be running a small farm but you’re in the process of expanding yours. Or you’re open to getting commercial exposure for your ranch while your friend is content with their traditional operations. Do you have more machinery than your next door ranch?

Another thing to consider is the location of your farm or ranch. Are you in an area where wildfires often occur? Or are you in a storm-prone town? Think blizzards and snowstorms too.

After answering these questions and making an inventory of your property and possible situations you might face, you can then go to the next step of choosing the specific coverage for your insurance.

Basic and additional coverages

From there, you can now easily determine which coverage is right for you. Here are some common coverage types which are also often the top choice for most farmers and ranchers.

Property insurance – you have the option to cover both your personal property, your farm or ranch property, or your rented property with this insurance. It could be as simple as covering your supplies and livestock or you can include your tools and grains as well.

Crop and livestock – this insurance on the other hand gives different coverage based on the type of crop or livestock you handle.

Farm/ranch vehicles – vehicles like trucks, tractors, pickups and vans can be covered under this insurance when you use them on your operations and you can expect similar terms to your personal auto insurance.

And lastly, if you employ workers to help with your farm or ranch operation, you may be required to get workers compensation insurance.

Getting insurance for your farm or ranch seems like a big decision to make. It is but it’s easier when you have the assistance of experienced insurers. If you’re in California in the McKinleyville or Fortuna areas, contact us here at Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. And you’ll find the expert help you need.