Do you need auto insurance coverage but can’t find the rate you can afford? At Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. we are committed to helping you look into several options that will fit your budget. We serve the residents of McKinleyville & Fortuna, California.

If you want to get more than the minimum auto insurance coverage but you’re on a limited budget then it’s best to check first if you’re eligible for some of the standard discounts like the following:

Good Driver Discount

California requires insurance companies to provide a 20% discount to drivers with a good driving history. And by “good,” the California law means you’ve had your driver’s license for 3 years; during those 3 years you haven’t had more than 1 point of violation in your record; you’ve never been asked to go to traffic school because of any violation; and you’ve never been found as the liable driver for any road accident.

Low Cost Auto Insurance Program

If your income level is not above the following then you can get a more affordable auto insurance rate:

  • $28,275 for a 1 person household
  • $38,775 for a 2 person household
  • $48,825 for a 3 person household
  • $58,875 for a 4 person household
  • $68,925 for a 5 person household
  • $78,975 for a 6 person household
  • $89,025 for a 7 person household
  • $99,075 for an 8 person household

Some other things that can help you lessen your premium rate are:

  1. Having 2 or more cars and insuring them all under one company.
  2. Your age wherein if you’re 55 years old and above, you are eligible for additional savings.
  3. The type of car you have such that expensive cars tend to call for higher premium rates.

After your initial evaluation to see if you qualify for these discounts, the next best move is to get a quote. This is the only way you’ll really know if the rate is within your budget.

That said, if you live within McKinleyville, CA and the other areas mentioned above, we invite you to visit our office or call or email us and we can start finding that policy that fits your needs and your financial capacity.

On the other hand, if your driving history is preventing you from finding a policy you can afford, you can take your chance and apply for liability coverage at the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan or CAARP, a government program that will cover you for 3 years if your application is approved.