Protecting your home, whether you own it, rent it, or rent it out, should be on top of your priority list. And a home insurance is the primary way to get this protection. If you live in McKinleyville or Fortuna, CA, we here at Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. would be glad to assist you in getting the right home insurance policy to avoid losing your best investment.

Home insurance consists of two categories, namely: coverage for the structure, and coverage for the home’s content.

Often a standard policy will cover home repairs, repair and replacement of your home’s content, liability protection and medical coverage for third parties should they be injured while inside your property. With these basic details you can expect a premium rate of around $80 per month which is barely $3 per day.

You can add other coverage options, though, like the ones listed below:

Protection for valuables and electronics or computer equipment

This will help you cover your valuable assets like jewelry, mink fur, and the like. It calls for an additional fee in your rate when you get this included because the value of your property will be considered.

Theft Coverage Protection Endorsement

If you own vehicles like a trailer or a boat and you have these parked in an area in your home then you can have these covered within your home insurance as well, again for an additional fee. Theft coverage protection will take effect for the properties mentioned should they be stolen while in your house’s vicinity.

Earthquake insurance

Since we live in a state located on the San Andreas Fault, it is common that we experience earthquakes, even very small ones, almost every day. So it’s wise to get earthquake insurance. There’s still no way of knowing when an earthquake will occur but if we’re prepared then it’s easier to get back on our feet should we be affected by it.

You might, however, want to consider other types of insurance if you are just renting your place or you actually rent it out. This is what’s called Renter’s insurance and Landlord insurance, respectively. The terms and conditions for these insurance are similar to home insurance but with a some key differences.

To personally discuss all possible options for your home insurance contact us via phone or email. We’ll be glad to help you every step of the way.