Protection from unexpected financial loss is the best help business insurance can give to entrepreneurs. And whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve had it for several years, getting business insurance is never a bad move. If you live or operate in McKinleyville, California and the areas surrounding it, we here at Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. can help you put one together that fits your business demands and budget.

Business insurance coverage options

Business insurance isn’t just one kind of policy. It consists of several types of commercial insurance coverage that protects all possible assets a business may have. Here’s a list of the most preferred ones:

Liability Insurance – This is considered a standard part of any business insurance since it protects you in the event another party, maybe a customer gets injured while dealing with your business or their property gets damaged.

Loss of Income Insurance – Should unexpected events happen and interrupt your business operations, you can count on this insurance if you’re covered. It can be your source of financial aid to compensate for staff income and other business needs until you get back to normal business activities.

Property Insurance – This insurance protects all business properties from buildings to computers to documents and money. Some companies have this bundled with Loss of Income Insurance. But the main benefit is your protection to recover your assets in cases of fire, storms, and even vandalism.

Commercial Auto Insurance – If you use a car or truck in your business operations then this insurance will help you cover repair or replacement expenses for that vehicle. You simply can’t use a personal auto insurance for the vehicle you use in business.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Some of the insurance mentioned above are not often required in US states but Workers Compensation Insurance is a must in California. At a closer look, it benefits both employers and staff because the people working for you are ensured they’ll receive help for medical costs and you, as an employer, will have sufficient funds, without breaking the bank.

Here at Judy Davis Insurance, Inc. we work with all types of businesses, big and small, home-based or not in McKinleyville and its surrounding areas. And we’re willing to work with you to get the terms and conditions that fits your business. Call or email us today because protecting your business should be your top priority.